Celestial Channeling Course
Invitation for you
With Osie Steinberg LPT
Founder of "The One Method"

You are invited to a special course, offered in Belgium
A 5 days course for High spiritual Channeling
with the Arc Angels and your own higher soul
Start your New Year with a new guiding angels group
 For clear truthful knowledge from the heavens,
with your personal angels group and your godhood soul

The course gives you all the new abilities & connections
with techniques for a truthful enlightened
wisdom from the highest source.
2 days seminar "5 gifts for life" is included in the course
For encoding high spiritual protections forces and tools
For more information, please press the link

Reserve the dates 2-6 January 2019

Location:  L' hotel Du Chateau D'Ahin
There is also a ‘gîte’ there or ‘resting place’ cheaper and 50m nearby, another resting place : (link : le pressoir).
 For information and registration contact
Anne-Claire Van Zuylen,
 e-mail   [email protected]
 mobile #  +32 489 201 888

What is in the Course
Spiritual communication definitions

What is channelling, how does it happen, what is it for?
What allows channelling, what does one need to be able to channel?
Various channelling modes and forms,
Whom to channel, what are the purposes of channelling?
What are the ethics of giving channelled information?
The energetic spiritual senses, what allows them to function well?
General structure of the spiritual system        

Preparing your systems for channelling

Personal tools for protection purification and healing
Treatment- cleaning, purification, healing, the 7 spiritual energy bodies& the energy fields
Treatment- cleaning, purification, healing, for the soul levels
Truth detector- receiving communication form to connect to the universe's truth
Practice-uses of truth detector

Connection to high communication

Clearing purification and healing of divine souls levels
Corrections of disconnections from the supreme worlds
Meditation- connection to the supreme creation forces
Preparation for soul's crown - a rewiring for channelling
A visit in heaven – meditation
Initiation with the creator- soul's crowning
Communication with the new soul's crown

Angelic support and guidance teams

What are angels? What is their function? How do they help humanity?
Which angels groups are helping us? How do we summon angelic help?
Connection to a personal angelic group for protection and guidance
Acceptance of a personal angel, guide or guides group
Clearing fears /beliefs for channelling readiness
Meditation-"Subconscious mind room"-remodelling
Receiving messages from your spiritual guides

High Channelling Practice

Various channelling forms:
Channel your personal crown and higher wisdom
Channel a personal guiding arc angel for private or general message
Channelling the supreme soul's crown of the participants
Channel thoughts, memories, and mental pictures
Channel spiritual teachers, prophets, and special experts' wisdom
Channel your sacred power animals

If time allows
Lower energy channelling
Channel "mother earth" consciousness, animals, trees, crystals
Channel objects- personal belongings, jewellery, house objects
Channel souls from the other side

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