The corona virus – the bigger picture


A message & explanation from the Creator

Received by Osie Steinberg

By the Creator and the Arc-Angels


This message is here for all those how seek understanding guidance and help for the global status of this plague of the corona virus.

I am the creator of all that is, the king of all kings the holy one

I give you this message in a clear human language, to all that are exposed to my words.

This phase of elevation and enlightenment of the entire creation and with it the planet earth and all humanity, is part of the general evolution, and it is for the highest good. As this humanity with its evolvement in to matter consciousness, descended down to density and darkness, consciousness of darkness, its laws, and manifested them. Now is the time of evolution to enlightenment, and exit out of all the heavy crusts layers and their contents, with ascendance in to the enlightened laws of the new age and their manifestation. The consciousness of the separation, the exploitation the lack and the suffering that controlled humanity for so long, is now dissipating. The need for sharing, unity, mutual help and support, out of strong need, will, and necessity are pushing the souls for action.

Evil does not arrive in the world with-out a reason or a precise goal.

There is no plague that descend upon the world with-out being a part of a process of elevation that its final goal is for the good.

Three ancient important negative blocking consciousness contents, are arising for release, for humanity with the fighting efforts against the plague. With them are arising important changes of the main infrastructures for management of humanity leaderships.

1.      The separation consciousness and detachment from the supreme eternal spiritual system of creation, and depending on three dimensional science, as the only existing truth.

2.      Cruel exploitation of humans, the planet, and animals with evil cruelty and creation of unneeded intense suffering. Additionally growing mental control, with implantation of deceptive, dividing frightening and weakening information.

3.      Enforced imbalanced Economy and loss of individual self-authority of souls, creation of enslavement and reduction of truth consciousness of humanity.

With this plague, arise to the surfaces the understanding of the need for change of the above fixated conscious patterns, and exposed are the important basic needs for these changes to the mases awareness. It allows a new choice and a possibility for changes for the better. The "Humanity Consciousness Coma", is easily released that way.

Many Angelic light forces and light galactic species, are present in the earth space for help, and for overcoming this phase of humanity at this evolutionary time.

All the souls who are light warriors, light messengers, light healers, light consciousness leaders for awakening & enlightenment, this is your time of action.

Reconnect to the supreme light source, the source of the original light of creation, fill up with light with all your levels and body cells.

Bring in the supreme original light of creation to all humanity, to your nation, and all nations, to the planet, to all living beings and all souls.

 Ask the release and purification of all sources and of the conservation and blocking consciousness, their outcomes effects & restrictions from all humanity, your nation and all nations, from the planet all living beings and all the souls.

Send and fill with the highest source of light of supreme creation,      the holy living light of creation, with love healing & transformation of the new age frequencies, to all humanity, your nation and all nations, from the planet all living beings and all the souls.

Send corrective thoughts, light, wisdom, balanced awareness and knowledge of the highest source to your leader's souls to the planet leaders, to the ones who set new policies and new ways. Send to them consciousness of truth, integrity, balance, unity, wholeness for the planet and its purification for the new generations. Fill up with light through all your soul levels send it to all humanity, your nation and all nations, from the planet all living beings and all the souls.

Cosmic light storms and intense radiation of great solar lights are increasingly growing and will continue to pass your way through the planet.

This is a part of the expansion and intensifying way of the enlightenment process. This process will continue to flood and rise the frequencies of all creation and with it the planet Earth and it's humanity for the next 25 to 30 years. On Earth the increasing lights and vibrations will enlighten and awaken the matter and the spirit in the planet and with it humanity.         The light changes will fill the souls of humanity, in the aura bodies & fields, in the physical bodies, with the enlightened creation forces, directed to all souls and life on the planet.                                                    

In this process there is a great broad transformation of the Darkness Creation (all worlds of darkness) and its representatives back to the light. Many of them who ruled and governed the planet and it residents are releasing their holds and mental contents. That is why this is the time to fill the empty voids with true contents and the new way adapted, to the new age of awakening and enlightenment, you have entered. The sacred light consciousness, its values and the way to manifest it, are the basis of all the changes for the new age.

There is no way back.

There is only choice to change, fill with light, with knowledge of truths of this new age, to integrate with this new reality, or to release the space.                                                                                            The souls who are released with the Corona Virus, are those who have completed their duties and way on Earth, and have chosen to return home. When they chose to come again, they will come to a world that is enlightened and more corrected.

 The consciousness of the holy and enlightened side of creation, are the foundations of the morals and values given to humanity to live by & to fulfill the existence in physical reality in goodness.

They are the creation forces of: life, love, grace, compassion, wisdom, abundance, wholeness /unity.

The consciousness of the other side of creation that does not contain these forces is the Dark Side Creation.

The reversed consciousness of the dark side of creation are:

Nothingness and death, fears, control and exploitation,                          cruelty & destruction, false information and deceit, lack emptiness & poverty, separateness isolation and distance.

 The new chosen leadership and its ways must be at balance with the new age laws, the light morals and values, for life of all, on this planet.

The time of exploitation and oppression loss of freedom and abundance is over. For this to be, the government systems and the authorities foundations of management laws, economy and its laws, nutrition, purification and the preservation of the planet, with all life forms on it, must be under these changes and in the first priority.

The Corona Virus is a moving force for changes towards this direction.


In all this, there is an enormous grace, for humongous multi purposes correction for the souls of humanity in a very short time.                                                                                                   

Planet Earth's souls who have endured challenging lessons are receiving now a strong precise mirror, for possibility of change release and transformation.

Out of the obligation to avoid the virus infection, arises the need for forced separation, and together with it the awareness of the lack of unity is exposed.

The need for unity and cooperation for survival is present, with demands for old life and social foundations changes.

The will for life with mutual help, multi levels support, and corrections of the old rules and laws for a renewed balance.

A new perspective/ reality vision is now present, for disagreement with the past, by not accepting the past structures and laws any-more and committing for change of these foundations, to a better positive and benevolent future.

The value of renewing the connections and realignment with the higher divine soul essence is now arising, in contrast to the past values of actions and materialistic judgments. 

The consciousness for changes of the old contracts rules and laws is awakened, with the demand for new more correct ways for life.

The focus returns to the importance of the renewal of family relations, humans & nations. It is imposed by the isolations, quarantines, being closed at the homes, and restriction of the public free spaces.

Now arising the consciousness for independent behavior, with independent thinking and action choices, based on balancing and accurate truthful information. Past dependency on media that is aimed to spread fear or deceit is no longer accepted easily.

At this time also arises the opportunity to choose and manifest more correctly, facing the closing dynamics of life, under the virus siege, that restricts economy and freedom for movement and function.

Now arising the personal responsibility by balancing and realigning, all national and social in aspects of life.

The demand for courage is now present, to manage the truth and balanced new way for your life, facing the media, the governments, and the universal health organizations, in your countries and world-wide, with the economy, education and medicine.

Now is the self-value inner view of each and every one, facing this new situation with all its demands & challenges.

This is an opportunity for completion of the human soul lessons for all humanity at once, in a concentrated effort with the help of the supreme forces of light.

This is a call to all the light representatives on this planet to help in releasing from the souls and life of this planet, the heavy loads and contents, the darkness forces that exit with the plague eruption.

Focus on the enlightened ways, to ease on this process of elevation, with the tools you have. Healing the illness is one point only, from the entire larger event. Please see the bigger picture. Please integrate your selves with all the activities of taking out the fears, the darkness, increase the light and the enlightened consciousness of humanity.

You are blessed

Choose for life

Choose for goodness.