Elevation of Humanity with the Creator


Channeling for 4.4.4. Universal gate opening

By Osie Steinberg (the Human angel- Zohar-el)


(Please do it with me)

I am connecting to the creator and sanctifying my-self.

I repeat 7 times:

The Creator is one, blessed his kingdom for ever and ever. Amen

I activate the High priest blessings:

May the divine bless you and protect you

May the divine lighten his presence to you and pardon you

May the divine rise his presence to you and grant you peace

I rise my soul to the creation holy spheres (with the prayer of

Ana- Becoakh) and activate all the Creators light protections, original elements of creation, all the Creator's lights and forces codes and tool.

A big screen is opening over me, pulled over to the sides.

The heavenly light worlds veils are opening one after the other, till all there is around and above are eternal supreme light space.

On my right I perceive the seat of honor and the presence of the Creator.

I am the Creator, the king of all kings, the holy one, Creator of all that is.

Be with me, Zohar-el.

You come to me as a representative of planet Earth dwellers. The primary universal learning center for duality and polarities. This time you are coming to pledge for saving humanity and to elevate it as a whole in oneness to enlightened higher dimensions.

 You arrive in the right time.

 Your plea deserves higher accuracy.

My guidance to you is to ask on behalf of humanity the transformation of the primary darkness consciousness and the excision of the forgetfulness of who you all souls, really are.

A great process is arriving and happening to humanity today.

You are my server, my messenger, my angel in human presence. That is why you are receiving this precise instruction for clarification and guidance of what is coming in the next stage.

To enable all the souls of humanity to rise at once, for their consciousness elevation together in unity, their supreme presence, the sacred highest souls must be helped. The primary veil of forgetfulness is being removed off all of them together at once now. The reconnection of the humans of Earth to their higher souls are occurring at once at this time. All the conscious and active light leaders have gathered to be a part of this process. Their requests had been accepted willingly and with blessings.

All the supreme enlightened higher souls of humanity are connected to the eternal light worlds now. Millions of souls are gathered back from many universes to be reunited now. They are brought by the Creator's loving and balancing light. All the souls are included and contained in the lights and forces of the Creator's life love grace compassion, wisdom, abundance and unity. The Veil of Forgetfulness is pulled out and vanished.

The lights and forces descend upon all the souls in the lower worlds of creation together at once. Each one receives a personal ray from               the Creator that connects the body, aura, spirit and soul to the supreme higher soul. It happened to all of the souls at once.

Some groups of soul who are not of the light, are collected and pulled outwards away from the enlightened humanity souls, to the worlds of darkness, where the consciousness of separation and darkness exist.

The Creator- Zohar-el, look and see the enlightened humanity. All the heavens and the high heavens and the eternal light worlds are focused in elevation of the love and light frequencies and the transformation of all life on planet earth to light only, now.

The laws of the past, of polarities duality and oppositions is ending today.

The new age law of enlightenment is activated now. The enlightenment is the all-encompassing and balancing light. Complete equality out of unity and recognition of goodness in all.

The planet Earth is engulfed with enormous light in 12 large dimensions of Creation, all together at once. The world of action (including the physical world up to the 7th dimension, and the next world up) and the world of Formation, bland and unites with the higher world of Creation. They are absorbed by it and integrate with-it totally.

Limiting and blocking consciousness veils and screens for forgetfulness, of the past are removed burned evaporate fade and vanish on their own.

Gaia is breathing a full clear and filling and relieving breath of light.

A new light is flowing towards planet Earth covering it surrounding it all around it and inside it.

The Creator's abundance light is descending in enormous amounts. All the souls absorb the abundance lights and the consciousness of abundance with it.                                                                                                                Lights of revival healing and recovery follow.                                            Green light in many shades of green flows down nurtures the planet with all living beings on it.                                                                                        Blue lights follow there-after, removing fears, restoring inner peace and openness for change. Gold light surrounds all the other lights, rimmed with pink glowing shades.

The Creator- these are my light, Zohar-el. This is light with consciousness of great grace and compassion. All the light bodies of the souls are absorbing it and releasing foreign vibrations.                                        Transforming cruelty and evil.

Zohar-el, balance is returning to humanity and with-it to the planet Earth.

From now on, its purpose is changed to new learning, the new direction of

For this new purpose, enlightened galaxies from the enlightened creation are sending new information ideas tools, to renew the functions of humanity. The new goal for humanity with this massive awakening and enlightenment, is rejuvenation, correction and creation of knowledge for combination of matter and energy in unity and complete continuity. Science will change, and with this change will come the knowledge and the meaning of the spiritual dimensions, their structures, frequencies & effects. Their data will be used, in scientific research and applications as inseparable parts.

Nutrition will change. Medicine will change. Communication and economy will change as well.

Tyranny and exploitation will clear their places to balanced and supportive leaderships.

The next 20 years are a phase, where circles of transformation are arriving. Every 7 years a circle will be completed. In the 21 year all of humanity is transcending to above the 7th dimension, and will arise above it, completing the transformational change started today.

-         What else is need to be corrected my lord?

The Creator- now look and see the entire soul humanity, fully transformed at the 21st year. I receive from the creator the image of the future humanity. All the souls are enlightened illuminating the eternal world's lights. The higher souls are fully united with the physical bodies. All are radiating energies of joy, gratitude, love, balance unity, wisdom, mutual help, growth, sharing goodness in all of humanity as one united soul.          Planet Earth is green and clean, the air is pure. Multi-universal communication is flowing to improve total planetary life and health. Trans-souls communication is present between humanity soul in balance, acceptance unity and calmness.

The Creator- look at the human angels, Zohar-el.

I focus on the Human Angels on the planet. They are aware of their angelic presence, their ranks and duties. They function with joy and all their forces for enlightenment, empowerment, improvement, healing beauty and peace.

-         What happens with the heavenly court books, of the total creation management? What happens to the Akashic records and books of the karma for all souls?

The Creator- Zohar-el, all the books of the creation management are changing and the fundamental order for light and darkness separation is terminated. So all the darkness and the darkness forces and consciousness are ending. This is a process that will take place over 3 future eras, of the entire creation. They will all transform to the light at the end of this process. The separation of the two creations, light and darkness at the end will reach a state that all is light and unity. This is the general direction of all creation now.                                                                                                    As for plant Earth and humanity, the transformation to a complete enlightened creation, and the connection of all souls to their physical bodies and higher enlightened soul parts, and joining the enlightened civilizations of the light creation again, allows the ending of the recycled lessons.                                                                                                                 With all that, the spiritual DNA strands that were damaged and disconnected, are reactivated and reconnected for new function with higher spiritual abilities. That allows the higher soul to connect to the spiritual and physical bodies and fully function again.                              With all that it is time for soul searching and understanding the contents of      the high spiritual lessons, and the transformation to higher enlightenment. This is time for intense facilitated cleaning for humanity, many will feel the flooding of the past soul wounds and will seek healing and fast lesson completions. That is why the erasing and termination of the books is allowed & done at the end of the lessons completions. The erasing of      the books allow their final completion of the past events and a full clearing.

The Creator- Now Zohar-el, bring all this vision and apply it to all of humanity at once. It is from me, and this good future integrates with the souls of humanity, with their consciousness and their higher will.           The future is already existing, and its connection"integration with humanity now, allows its existence for them from now.

-         I, from my superior view at the seat, with the Creator, as the light, the will and the presence of the Creator around me, pull and draw in the huge future vision of humanity, to the entire soul of humanity. The reality of the future vision synchronizes with all the souls at once, and creates a unification of vibrations of the future with the present. The light of the being"presence of the Creator flows in      the center of the entire soul of humanity in the now, with containment of the future picture"vision in to the soul of humanity as a whole. All the souls, as body cells in the big humanity soul body, absorb the new future energy and contain it in each and every one of them. The future lights from the Creator, intense and powerful integrates in to them. Intense vibrations of joy and complete un-conditional happiness, fill all the space from the Creator, and with him, my soul and all the souls of humanity are filled with that joy.

The Creator- Zohar-el, you have done your duty today to perfect completion. The well-deserved good future exists now in humanity. The worlds"dimensions transformation is balanced too.

Tomorrow the rest of the continued process is being done.

Blessings to you and to all recovering humanity are coming now.     The futures are blessed as well.

You are loved protected and blessed with the Creator and all the       arc-angels.

-         Thank you, I am full of thanks and gratitude for the privilege of    the service, to you and to al humanity.