Orthopedic Conditions

Information for orthopedic Condtions     
OSIE STEINBERG is a licensed physical therapist with 40 years experience, now treating in
14-B Habanim St.
Hod Hasharon Israel
Osie Steinberg brings the winning combination for body recovery through physical therapy, Manual Osteopathy, spiritual medicine & rehabilitation. She offers a combined updated scientific medicine with holistic medicine in a balanced and unique body of knowledge and with very effective results.
Who can benefit from these combined treatment and how?

For those who suffer from Chronic pain and Postural variations.
These treatments will help provide joint functional balance. It happens by lowering mechanical loading from the supporting tissues by reducing irritation and erosion from the cartilage and the ligament. It reduces tension from the muscles controlling the joint systems.

for those who suffer from joints injuries, after joint surgeries,
The treatment aids in pain,& swelling ,infection and adhesions reduction, faster tissues recovery, less protective muscle spasms, and prompt return to functional use and improved weight bearing abilities.

For those who are dealing with spinal column, pelvic girdle, hip joint, and shoulder girdle dysfunctions. The treatment releases soft tissues, balance tension and muscle length, improves power, range of motion, Pain relief allows correct function& erosion reduction of cartilage ligament and bone.

For people suffering from blood vessel dysfunctions this treatment reduces muscle spasms in arteries and veins. Its improves flexibility of the vessels, and absorption of blood clots. By this treatment, blood flow ,tissue nurturing and fluid drainage from the organs is greatly improved.

To people with injuries of peripheral nerves, nerve roots, meninges, and spinal cord traumas.
This treatment releases adhesions around and inside the nerves improves nerve conductivity reduces pain and muscle dysfunctions.

For people with osteoporosis fractures and bone marrow dysfunctions, this treatment helps to facilitate fast bone healing, release blood vessel around and inside the bone, providing improved physiology of bone tissue.

For people suffering from tendons dysfunctions, this treatment eases local pain, release inflammations adhesions and improves movement .comfortable use of the limb and facilitates recovery from corrective surgery.

For people suffering from degenerative and herniated inter-vertebral discs.
This treatment helps to reduce disc bulges, vertebral disc plates deviations, spinal vessels dysfunctions, nerve roots, spinal membranes irritations, and reduction of radiated pains to the limbs.

To those suffering from head-aches originated from cervical vertebrae & muscles, cranial sutures, jaw joints, cervical vessels, and cranial vessels. The treatment helps to balance the cervical joints release tension in muscles, and blood vessels in neck, throat jaw and correct mobility stability of the head and the neck.

For people with problems of lymphatic edema, and healing difficulties of wounds and ulcers.
This treatment improves lymphatic drainage in the limbs, deep body systems in the pelvis, abdomen, chest, and improves the drainage of the internal organs, and function of the immune system.

 Neurology & neurosurgery for head, spine and nerves
Structural and manual rehabilitation & Relevant Treatments
Boney dysfunctions in skull and spine
  Clearing:bruising, impactions, cracks, fractures, and other boney traumas.
 Release of impacted skull sutures in various compression patterns.
  Release of foramens mechanical narrowing in skull face and spine.
  Corrective treatment for "scotty-dog", spondylolysis, and spondylolisthesis conditions.
  Corrective treatment for sacroiliac mechanical dysfunctions.
Intracranial and spinal membranes dysfunctions.
  Mechanical tension release of the Dura-Matter from sacral sources.
  Release mechanical tension from inter-vertebral disc and nerve roots irritation.
  Osteophytes tension release off the membranes.
  Improve membranes mobility after injuries, fractures, surgeries and infections.
  Improve membranes mobility after lumbar puncture, and invasive testing procedures.
  In conditions of various hydrocephalic shunting.
  Conditions following vascular malformations surgeries.
  In sleeping and awakening dysfunctions.
Skull and spinal Cerebral-Spinal Fluid flow dysfunction
  Lateral ventricles flow dysfunction.
  3rd ventricle and choroids plexus CSF flow dysfunction.
  4th ventricle, aqueduct, foramen Magendi and Lushke drainage dysfunction.
  Spinal canal and spinal cord CSF flow dysfunction.
Cranial and spinal vascular dysfunction
  Autonomic vaso-constriction in the "circle of willis"
  Brains primary vessels.
  Face, speech and swallow vessels.
  Spinal arteries and veins.
  Cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral-vessels
Brain spine and nerves fibrosis
  Treatments for various stages of fibrosis of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, after : traumas, stretches, impactions, bleedings, edemas, infections, high-fever illnesses, poisonings, allergies and surgeries.  

Abnormal tonus
  Improve of hyper-tonus, hypo-tonus, abnormal flow in the motor and sensory brain and spinal tracts. Involuntary twitches, contractions, fasciculations, and seizures.
States of edema
 After surgical conditions, intra and extra cranial infections, spinal infections, and peripheral nervous system
Abnormal balance conditions
  Treatments for dizziness, equilibrium reflexes, loss of midline orientation, half body neglect, orientation to personal space, fine and gross motor coordination.
Cranial nerves dysfunction
  Neural tension techniques to all cranial nerves, for dysfunction of eyes, ears, nose, jaw, mastication system, speech and swallow, and various Vagus nerve functions.
Connective tissue and muscle
  Release of scarring.
  Primary muscle spasm in face, skull, total spine, including all extremities,
  Internal organs dysfunction
  Infants and children growth and motor developmental delay.

Treatment for people with cancer     
By structural rehabilitation, osteopathy
Osie Steinberg licensed physiotherapist
 General treatment for cancer patients
Treatments are personalized.
The treatments are directed to functionally strengthen the immune systems. Removing toxins from liver, spleen, kidneys, lymphatic systems and bones.
Reduction of tensions, fears, anxieties, and illness creating beliefs, out of the body.
Osteopathic manual therapy and structural rehabilitation, to all body's systems, according to the effected areas.
State after surgery
  Treatments are personalized.
  Pain treatments myofascial releases, soft tissues mobilization
  Calming pain after surgery,
facilitating surgical scars and radiation areas healing,
 Edema and swelling release.
  Manual Acupressure.
  Manual healing.
  Lymphatic drainage after chemotherapy, for lymph nodes, lymph path ways in surgical site and in main drainage areas, including liver, spleen, kidneys, and bone marrow.
  Release of protective muscle spasms around surgical areas and adjacent joints for assuring normal ranges of motion.
  Scars and adhesions release.
  Releasing adherent nerves in or near surgical scars.
  Instruction for activities of daily living, ranges of motion for joints near the surgical site, and supportive bandaging.
  Exercises for various purposes, including range of motion maintenance or increase, tissues flexibility and strength, postural correction and maintenance.
  Treatments for increase of body and mind awareness.
  Guided imagery for improvement of surgical and cancer healing.
  Guidance for the patient support by family and relatives.

Treatment for healthy pregnancy, birth and post partum    
The body preparation during pregnancy for healthy and normal birth process is very important.
Every woman knows the way her body feels in a state of health every day, but during pregnancy, all changes. There for all the body's systems need balancing and maintenance till, during and after the birth, to bring easy and fast recuperation for the mother and the baby.
Manual integrative treatment combined with osteopathy, physiotherapy and spiritual medicine& rehabilitation can achieve all that. It prepares the body and balances it in a very natural light pleasant and effective way.
Treatment during pregnancy
  Alignment of all the pelvic joints
  Balance muscular tensions in the pelvic girdle
  Ease discomfort of body's lose ligaments
  Balance all the vertebrae and their muscles system
  Clear over loaded & swollen veins
  Lymphatic blocks, and swelling clearing
  Correct abnormal tensions of the digestive system
  Liver and stomach heartburns
  Urinary bladder and kidneys treatment
  Transitional pains in all body parts
  Baby's motion discomfort
  Clear traumas and fears from previous deliveries
  Provide supportive systems for unstable pelvic joints.
Treatment after birth
  Balance pelvic joints hips, lower back and shoulder girdle
  Aid in Episiotomy healing
  Balance pelvic diaphragm and respiratory diaphragm tensions
  Body/ mind balance after traumatic birth
  Correct proper reflexes in uterus, vagina and blood vessels of pelvic
  Comforting positions and exercises
  Getting back to fitness
Recommended treatment for the baby after birth
  Align all skull and pelvic bones
  Correct brain and spinal cord membranes tensions (after stressful birth, vacuum and forceps births)
  Sleeping difficulties
  Continuous crying
  Pains in digestive tract
  Irregular bowel function
  Suck and swallow difficulties
  Muscle functions and movement delay
  Eyes and ears dysfunctions
  Rashes and skin irritations
  Breathing difficulties, coughing, congestion
  Colds and running nose
  Posture and range of motion problems
  Growth and or developmental delays
  Weak immune system
  Strong reactions to vaccinations
  Failure to thrive
  Parental attachments difficulties

    Pediatrics and Children
Osteopathy and Structural Rehabilitation
Osteopathic and structural treatment, by manual therapy, are needed for babies and children, for various health dysfunctions, from birth through childhood
Osteopathy/Structural – Rehabilitation, is a gentle and pleasant manual therapy, directed to all the tissues and systems in the human body.
It activates, facilitates and promotes the body to correct and heal it-self, quickly effectively and efficiently.
It is beneficial for all age groups.

  Partial treatment list
  Asymmetry correction for facial, skull pelvic and extremities bones [ after traumatic birth, impacts or falls ]
  Abnormal tensions release from the cranial, spinal and internal organs membranes [after vacuum or forceps deliveries or surgeries]
  Calm down continuous crying
  Release intestinal cramp and abdominal pain
  Balance abnormal swallow patterns & digestive difficulties
  Correct and balance day and night sleep irregularities
  Improve muscle tonus abnormalities
  Correct movement and developmental delays
  Correct postural dysfunctions and range of motion limitations
  Correct eye muscles dysfunctions
  Improve sensory irritability [hypo /hyper]
  Correct difficult birth traumas
  Help attachment difficulties and social avoidances
  Improve various skin irritation conditions
  Improve lung congestion and respiration impairments
  Improve upper airways congestion allergies and running nose
  Improve growth and development delays
  Improve immune system in inoculation reactions
  Correct bone growth dysfunctions

Cardiac and chest surgeries
OSIE STEINBERG'S Treatment methods and knowledge are helpful
In the following conditions:
Non surgical conditions
  Arrhythmias and rhythm dysfunctions
  Various blood pressure conditions
  Smooth muscles spasm in the coronary arteries
  Heart mobility restrictions in the chest cavity
  Pericardial  adhesions
  Chest pains
  Lymph or vascular edema in limbs
  Infections in chest organs
  Adhesions in mediastinum vessels
  Reduction of life's stresses and overloads responses
Conditions after surgeries
  Post surgical pain in thoracic areas
  Pain and mobility interference in ribs sternum neck and shoulders
  Healing difficulties in vein donor areas
  Intercostal muscles, vessels and nerves function improvement
  Difficulty in sternal surgical sites healing
  Lymphatic drainage of thoracic region
  Adhesions and repetitive fluids accumulation in pleural cavity
  Phrenic, vagos and stelate ganglions dysfunctions
  Overall weakness and fatigue
  Resistance to physical function and rehabilitation advancement
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