The One Method

The One Method
The One Method is a spiritual medicine and rehabilitation of the human total spiritual system, recived in channeling from the  arc angeles and the creator,  through  30 years of spiritual professional  practice by Osie Steinberg LPT.  
The One Method is based on cutting-edge knowledge of this era, about healing, personal evolution and growth. As humanity and our own lives evolve change and transform, during these times, we all need help, support, comfort and healing. The One Method, for spiritual medicine & rehabilitation, is predicated on sound scientific knowledge combined with the highest spiritual and Divine energies, toolds & forces. The method is an easy, fast, powerful and highly accurate practical tool for self growth, evolution healing and transformation.
Spiritual Medicine & Rehabilitation by The One Method, is an energy treatment method, that treats all physical and spiritual systems, as one functional unit. It is based on a comprehensive body of knowledge pertaining to all human's energy systems and soul aspects. It offers an explanation for the functional connection and influences of the spirit on the individual's physical body, mind, emotions, social behaviors and life manifestations.
Spiritual Medicine & Rehabilitation by The one Method treatment accuracy, is based on diagnosis conducted through a "Truth Detector", by direct physical contact , and with indirect contact with the human energy systemt as well. The therapist identifies injuries, locations and types of dysfunctions and the influence of damages on functional abilities.
Treatment is based on the principle of wholeness. By bringing the energy system to its original state of health. By energetic structural correction, a continuous flow of energy, and consciousness in all the systems can be restored, inside and outside the body. That governs health and function.
All treatments are energetic, powerful and accurate with immediate effective results.Spiritual Medicine & Rehabilitation by The One Method treatment, greatly shortens the natural healing process and is easy to learn and use.
 It can be integrated and used in every aspect of life and can go hand in hand with conventional and alternative medicine, physical therapy, speech pathology, psychology, general rehabilitation, education and coaching.The One Method for Spiritual medicine &  Rehabilitation treats the physical body, all energy systems and their fields, all spiritual and soul levels and the 12 strands of spiritual DNA.It addresses healing of the soul at all times, in all creation/universal spaces.               
Osie Steinberg teaches The One Method for Spiritual Medicine & Rehabilitation, professional training series, based on a body of knowledge which she gathered, channeled and compiled into five-level courses.
The One Method, for Spiritual Medicine & Rehabilitation, was developed by Osie Steinberg LPT, with 40 years of experience as a physiotherapist, a master healer, channeler and a gifted teacher. As a medical and energy practitioner, she uses a wide range of conventional academic and medical based therapies, combined with extensive and in-depth knowledge, experience and abilities in the manual and healing arts.
Osie Steinberg specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, orthopedic & neurological problems, developmental and structural dysfunctions in all body systems, in individuals of all ages. She offers private sessions in Israel and worldwide
Osie Steinberg, talented lecturer, teaches all levels of The One Method for Spiritual Medicine & Rehabilitation courses, empowerment and manifestation advancement seminars

The One Method - Spiritual Medicine & Rehabilitation
Beneficial effects
 Clearing pain and sensory problems, of all kinds, in the whole body
 Fast and effective trauma healing, of all kinds, and of all ages
 Healing birth trauma to mother and baby
 Corrects developmental delays of embryos, infants, children and youth
 Shell shock and, post traumatic stress syndrome healing
Facilitates fast recovery, of all soft tissues, scars, wounds, bones and nerves recovery
 Helps to correct postural and mobility dysfunction in all body parts
 Helps to improve range of motion in all joints
Helps to restore concentration focus, thought processes and memory
 Restores viability of degenerative tissues
 Improves sleep disturbances of all kinds
 Corrects creative and manifestation blocks
 Corrects self love, self-esteem, self-value, self-respect, and self-awareness
 Restores unconditional joy, unconditional love, and creative passion
 Fast release of fears anxieties, phobias, worries, and doubts
 Removes obstructing beliefs, negative distractive / obsessive thoughts
 Personal spiritual-coaching restores "acceptance of spiritual rights" and their manifestation
 Opens blocks in life careers' advancement
Open and corrects personal relationships of all kinds
Develops and opens all spiritual senses, including sight, hearing touch  and smell
 Allows absent, and distance healing.
 Corrects multiple past lives traumas all at once.
correct soul  lessons and wounds.

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