About Osie

Osie Steinberg
Licensed Physiotherapist  MA
Structural Rehabilitation & Spiritual Rehabilitation

A 40 years licensed physiotherapist
Graduated from the Wingate Institute Israel
Avanced Masters Degree from TWU Houston Texas ,USA

Studied 13 years Manual Osteopathy and Cranio-sacral Therapy, with the Upledger Institute, Palm-beach, Florida

 Studied and trained the specialty of Visceral Manipulation by Jean-pier Barral D.O. at the Upledger Institute Palm-beach  Florida, USA

 studied and trained 10 years of Integrative Manual Therapy [ IMT] with
DCR, Hartford Conneticu,USA

While in Houston Texas, for 7 years she was a director of two rehabilitation physiotherapy departments in hospitals at the Texas Medical Center.
Following this, she has opened " Houston Pain Rehabilitation Specialists P.C.",a multi-disciplinary Treatment center for chronic pain and, multiple traumas, orthopedic, neurologic ,developmental and  psycho-somatic dysfunctions, with a wide range of professionals and therapists.

Since 1995 she resides in Israel, treating patients in with a broad base of health challenges.
She is lecturing  teaching and training professionas in seminars and course, in Israel Europe ,Central America ,and provides a wide range of private treatments.


Structural/manual Rehabilitation for all types of chronic pain, orthopedic dysfunctions of the skeletal bones, joints, spine, skull and connective tissue systems.
She treats a broad range of neurological conditions,developmental delays & dysfunctions
She  uses  multiple manual osteopathic techniques for internal organs dysfunction, lyphatic disorders ,vascular system dysfunctions and more.
She is the founder of The One Method a spiritual based treatment combined with physical , therapy , osteopathy, and a varaity of   body /mind techniques.
The body of knowledge  of The One Method includes all the spiritual human lessons/traumas of humanity its diagnosis and its resolutions.
By all this knowledge and means, Osie combines unique and exceptional treatment, bridging between medical science and energetic medicine, in very effective, advanced, easy to apply, and the results are amaizing.
Osie  is teaching awareness development & self treatment techniques with empowerment to a wide range of life's Arenas aspects.
She offers powerfull and accurate healing tools for personal use, to aid in transformation, changes in health relationship and carrier growth & all aspects of life.
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